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January 1, 2011

Mortgage Advice For The Home Buyer In Todays Market

Filed under: Home Equity Loans – 01 Jan 2011

Finding a mortgage that fits your requirements may be more challenging than in previous years due to mortgages being more difficult to obtain since the global recession. Picking the right mortgage lender or bank can be a very hard decision. …

December 19, 2010

10 Questions to Ask When you compare Reverse Home loan Companies

Filed under: Home Equity Loans – 19 Dec 2010

The common American would think of retirement as a second as part of his life when he could do anything whatsoever and precisely what he desires. This could be that long-dreamed-of holiday or Caribbean cruise or it might be also …

December 14, 2010

Having a difficult time choosing which Downtown Minneapolis Condos to have?

Filed under: Home Equity Loans – 14 Dec 2010

Are you thinking of seeking for a place to stay in downtown Minneapolis? But you don’t know where? Deciding to settle in the business district is definitely a bright idea. As it’s practically near to any commercial and establishment building, …

Make sure that you are as appealing as possible to your mortgage lenders

Filed under: Home Equity Loans – 14 Dec 2010

We are about to enter a particularly dry time in relation to obtaining a mortgage. The impending threat of job losses and the snowball effect from that is starting to take hold as lenders tighten their lending criteria even more.

December 9, 2010

Purchasing a second home in Denver

Filed under: Home Equity Loans – 09 Dec 2010

Most home buyers in Denver are a bit disappointment after the tax credit expired recently and are wondering what could be the right time to purchase a home in the city. You might also feel like you just missed a …

Preventing Foreclosure

Filed under: Home Equity Loans – 09 Dec 2010

Homeowners who don’t always make their mortgage payments in a timely manner could be subject to seizure and the loss of title of their home. For these often well-intentioned people, unforeseen circumstances such as job insecurity or medical concerns have …

December 7, 2010

Good Time To Invest In Sarasota Homes?

Filed under: Personal Finance – 07 Dec 2010

Are you looking for capital appreciation? Now might be a great time to get back into the real estate sector. Over the last 5 years real estate has been horrible. The great recession was caused by the collapsing real estate …

December 5, 2010

Sarasota Florida Real Estate Myths

Filed under: Home Equity Loans – 05 Dec 2010

As a Realtor I speak with potential home buyers almost daily. It gives me a good pulse of the Sarasota FL real estate market. Many of these buyers are misinformed and unrealistic. Here are 5 of these myths:

December 2, 2010

Reviewing Types of Mortgage Loan Offers

Filed under: Home Equity Loans – 02 Dec 2010

When you begin thinking about purchasing a home or refinancing a home loan it is easy to get bogged down in all the information circulating around the internet. The information can be difficult to decipher if you don’t have a …

November 30, 2010

Advantages Of Equity Release Schemes

Filed under: Personal Finance – 30 Nov 2010

Accessing the equity built up in the family home for other purposes is a new phenomenon. Owning the family home was the goal for people and the fact that there was money locked away, and could be put to better …

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