Capistone Options Alert Service – Time is Our Ally

1. Have you ever thought of using options investment strategies to double, or even triple every dollar you invest in only one year?

2. Are you wondering how and why people make consistent profits, no matter where market moves?

3. Can you understand how important the concept of time value is in our options investment philosophy?

4. Why don’t you seek a valuable option strategy to beat the market?

5. Do you wanna enjoy your options education through making consistent profits with us?

To understand and solve these questions, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to read through this article. Here you can find out what smart options trading is and how different Capistone is. Let’s get started to figure out why Time is Our Ally.

You may discover that different investors have their own unique ways to invest their money in financial markets, like fundamental, technical analysis or sentimental research. They may even try to make money through insider news, superstition or other resources. But Capistone’s particular resource and trading method are always to be a friend of “Time”.

Let me tell you the truth. Nothing in this financial world is predictable or guaranteed, except the time-value decay in options. In Wall Street, every financial instrument’s price move bi-directionally and nobody knows which direction they will go tomorrow because it’s so difficult to identify if they are oversold or overbought. However, the time value of options is always moving in one direction – 100% guaranteed!!! Simply put, time decay means time value declines over time until zero at option expiration date. Most of the options expire worthless!!!

Once you know this secret, I believe you should understand why Capistone can make money no matter where the market moves, because Capistone follows the truth and always be “time’s ally”. For every second elapsed, Capistone was collecting money. Isn’t that great? So in more than 10 years options trading experiences, Capistone Investment Group develop its own investment philosophy and realize that the only way to make consistent gains is to SELL (write) options, including straddle / strangles, spreads, covered calls and naked puts.

Capistone Options is currently an important option alert service in Capistone Investment Group, which provides subscribed members with our unique option strategy alert service and is highly engaged in developing and promoting innovative investment strategy consulting through its subscription service and options blog and forums.

In our point of view, option investments are gaining popularity and more and more investors jump into this community. To largely satisfy our members, Capistone Options would like to share investment philosophy and trading skills here.

Capistone’s investment philosophy is very simple and straightforward because Capistone only sells options to take advantage of the truth – time value decay. Specifically,

1. Sell Options – Strangles, Spreads and Naked Puts for LEAPs.

2. Use an alternative way to effectively and safely replace covered calls to save your money.

3. Only play with time not against it to produce superior absolute returns regardless of market conditions.

4. Be part of 10% of option players to beat the market.

5. Writing a put is similar to selling an insurance to earn premiums.

6. Writing a call is pretty much the same with opening a casino or lottery.

Acquiring knowledge and comprehension of advanced option strategies enable us to make consistent and huge gains. Unlike others, Capistone Options never predict or guess the market directions. In this options alert service, all you have to do is follow our trading alerts and make consistent profits along with options experts. You don’t need to monitor your positions everyday or waste your time to do those “so called” analysis and research.

As Capistone’s members, you will have the best and most specific solutions we develop for you. We treat all our members with the uppermost professionalism. In addition, you will be offered unlimited and free email supports. No meeting or travel required. Thus you don’t have to be a Pro to dip deeply into options. Following Capistone options alerts and strategies is a simple way to succeed and make a fortune!

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