5 Ways To Stretch Out The Life Of Your Clothes In Order To Save During This Economy Crisis

Unless you’re as rich as Bill Gates, who could wear new clothes everyday if he wanted, chances are you will need to wash your clothes at some point in your life. This economy crisis has most of us wondering how we can get the most out of our money and the things that we need, like clothing. Reality is that most people will spend money on clothes, whether we buy them for the full retail prices or whether we buy for cheap at local thrift shops, the bottom line is that clothes are a necessity and most of us make sure that we have them…in abundance.

That being said, regardless of how much you pay for your clothing, you want it to last. In fact, the longer the clothing lasts, the less money that you ultimately have to spend to replace it. That’s when maintaining clothes becomes a way for you to save money for your family.

Here are 5 fantastic ways to really stretch out the life of your clothing. In making them last as long as possible, you and your family will be able to keep more money in those nicely laundered khakis! Try these economy crisis clothing remedies:

Don’t put your clothes in hot water! Keep them cool and in the best condition by using cold water when you launder them. By reducing the hot water usage, you will also be conserving energy! So, the savings extends in a number of different ways for your family. The down side of hot water is the fact that it causes shrinkage and color changes in clothes.

If you are concerned about germs, throw in a little vinegar to your wash. Vinegar is also a fabulous way to wash, save, and extend the life of your clothing. Vinegar freshens clothing very well. So, you won’t need to buy those expense clothing fresheners, and because you are using it to keep the germs away in the wash, you may notice that some clothes that once had an “ongoing odor” from repeated abuse may be significantly more fresh because the vinegar kills the odors without adding tons of fragrance to cover it up. Buy for cheap a bottle of vinegar and don’t waste your money on odor cover-ups for the laundry.

Don’t iron on the highest setting and if you do, use a “pressing cloth”. A pressing cloth is an extra piece of fabric like from a sheet or old cotton shirt. Instead of ironing directly on your clothing, use the pressing cloth to keep your fabric from being abused by the iron. It’s a very simple concept, but it will be a major breakthrough for your wardrobe maintenance.

Keep laundering to a minimum. Over washing is sure to cause long term damage to your clothes. Whether it’s from fading, shrinking, fraying, or thinning, washing your clothes too much is sure to make them give out on you much too soon. Sometimes clothes don’t need “cleaning”, they simply need “freshening”. You can do this by taking the time to buy for cheap some of those $1 freshening sheets that you can put in your dresser and closet. Cut each sheet into 4 squares and put them in pockets of clothes that need a little freshening up.

Go back to using undergarments. Yes, undershirts are useful. If you are someone that sweats, your pits could cause extensive damage to your clothing. So, invest in a couple of undershirts, camisoles, or slips from a thrift store. These items you can buy for cheap for as low as 50-cents at a thrift shop, but they help to significantly reduce the amount of direct contact between your sweat and deodorant.

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